Johannesburg exchanged his work suit for a shiny golden jacket. This city has long been a place to visit business, but it is a holiday destination with a vibrant culture and adventure. Like a high-veld weather storm, the city springs with energy, and where the city center was a place you would love to avoid, it is a must-see adventure for adventurous tourists today. When you arrive in Johannesburg, you can immediately feel why Jozi is the playground of young people and entrepreneurs. Johannesburg is making a stir – this is after all Africa’s New York. Come experience the pulsating energy with LekkeSlaap.

Johannesburg is an impressive place. Those who were not yet in Johannesburg often imagine a faint gray city, but Johannesburg is the largest urban forest in the world – there are more than 10 million trees and 600 parks in the city! When you’re on the tallest building in Africa, the Carlton Skyscraper, you’ll see endless tree peaks that grow between the buildings. Kapenaars easily mentioned Johannesburg’s crime investigation, but in this fast-paced city, police take about 60 seconds to respond to a crime scene. In Johannesburg, the pass is at full speed and skyscrapers and shopping centers are built almost overnight. All that takes longer in Johannesburg than in the rest of the country is that eggs need to be cooked longer (just a minute longer) because the city is located so far from the sea.

Johannesburg has an interesting history of dust and gold. There was discovered gold in this area in 1886, which caused a gold storm and city. Thousands of people wanted to share in wealth and went to Johannesburg to work in the mines and this mass migration still takes place. Johannesburg is South Africa’s business center and the playground of young entrepreneurs and magnates. The city’s role in the golden years and apartheid years has created a fascinating heritage and here are many historical sites and museums for curious tourists. At the Apartheid Museum, visitors are greeted with a “Only Whites” entrance, and it is one of the best places to learn more about South Africa’s political history.

Art lovers can visit the Wits Art Museum, a young art gallery that is already a leader in modern and contemporary African art. A guided tour of Soweto will give you a glimpse of contemporary Johannesburg culture, and here you will find a taste of its colorful and dynamic street life. In Vilakazi Street, Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu remained – two Nobel prize winners who were neighbors! For a comprehensive cultural experience, you can walk the Maponeng Walk, where many art galleries and unique shops offer bargains.

Johannesburg is not just a city of gold and steel – as mentioned above, there are numerous parks and nature reserves in the area. When you are tired of life in the city, follow the M16 to Emerentia Dam, where you can relax with a fishing rod in your hand. Johannesburg is at its greenest between November and April, but this dam is especially a photographer’s dream during autumn when the trees dazzle the orange to red. On the western bank of the dam lies the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens. Go for a walk at the unique Shakespeare garden, where every herb that Shakespeare referred to in his plays was planted. More than 4500 rose bushes were planted in the adjacent rose garden.

Drive further to Kloofendal, where you will find 120 bird species at the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden and the only breeding pair of whitewashed eagles in Johannesburg, or take a hiking trail in the Suikerbos Nature Reserve. If you spend only one day in Johannesburg and the city’s quick pace will shorten your time, you must visit Johannesburg’s zoo. It is especially a nice place to visit a long flight and here you can see white lions!

Eating out In Johannesburg

Johannesburg has restaurants and places to visit for all tastes and ages. Whether you are a young worker who wants a drink after a hard day at the office or a family who wants to relax with pizzas in the weekend – there are numerous places. Bambanani in Melville is a restaurant with a wonderful play area and caregivers that ensure the adults and children have a good time. On Beyers Naude Drive you can go to the Lifestyle Garden Center for weekends. Children can play heartfelt while the parents are shopping with green fingers. Students and young workers will appreciate Braamfontein’s live nightlife. Randlords is a roof top that offers breathtaking views of the city and is the ideal place for cocktail after work.

pub in Johannesburg

Kitchener’s Carbery is the second oldest pub in the area and The Guildhall serves Portuguese food with local beers. Make your throat wet at Gilro microbrewery in Muldersdrif or do a proper beer tour at the SAB World of Beer. Afrikaners will be fond of a meal at Zietsies, an intimate restaurant where Elsabe Zietsman will cook and entertain guests. In the south of Johannesburg there is an excellent Portuguese restaurant called Parereirinha. Just go to the smoking area and see the boxes that hung hundreds of satisfied guests there.

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