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used bmw 1 series parts

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About The BMW 1 Series

The BMW 1 Series is a compact car line that has been produced in 2004 in four body styles: a 3-door and 5-door hatchback, a coupe and a 2-door convertible. The model has many common elements with the BMW E90 3-Series: in particular, the elements of design, power plant and electronic systems.

The 2-door convertible (E88) went on sale in 2007.

It is worth noting that the BMW 1 Series is not a typical model for its class, as it has rear-wheel drive, a 50:50 weight distribution, a longitudinally located engine and an advanced aluminum multi-link suspension. The car is equipped with in-line 4-and 6-cylinder engines (petrol and diesel) in combination with a 5- or 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic gearbox.

BMW 1 Series Working Parts

BMW 1-series sets a new level of equipment in the compact class. The basic equipment of the convertible is much higher than the usual limits for this segment.

  • The BMW 1 Series is equipped with an engine start button and a comfortable access system.
  • Sports-style seats have a large number of adjustments and heating function;
  • The steering column is adjustable horizontally and vertically.
  • The ventilation system with air conditioning and a dew sensor especially effectively counteracts the fogging of glass and additionally provides for the climate control option.
  • Located between the instruments with circular scales, the display represents data from the on-board computer, and also shows the oil level or service intervals.
  • Multi-functional steering wheel allows the driver to control individual comfort functions while maintaining the concentration of attention on the road.
  • In vehicles with a navigation system, the iDrive control suite is included in the package, allowing you to access numerous vehicle functions without unnecessary switches and buttons – a convenient menu on a large-format color display and intuitive controls provide ease of use of the system, and the main element is the controller on the center console.
  • It should be noted, and practicality of the car: asymmetrically divided and folding rear seat provides greater flexibility of the cabin. and the main element is the controller in the center console.

BMW 1 Series Engines

A rich selection of engines is another feature of the BMW 1 Series Convertible. Two-liter for the BMW 120i – the basis of the motor series. Equipped with a variable valve drive with infinitely adjustable VANOS camshafts in the inlet and outlet, as well as the valve stroke adjustment system VALVETRONIC, it develops 150 hp at 6200 rpm, and a maximum torque of 200 Nm is reached already at 3600 rpm.

At the same time, high acceleration, elasticity and fuel economy are ensured: the maximum speed is 217 km / h, acceleration to “hundred” is 8.7 seconds, and acceleration from 80 to 120 km / h in fourth gear takes only 8.4 seconds. Average fuel consumption – 7.4 liters per 100 kilometers. The most powerful version of the BMW 135i convertible with a three-liter engine producing 306 hp. in combination with a 6-speed manual gearbox accelerates to hundred km / h in 5.6 seconds, and the maximum speed is 250 km / h. The standard 3-liter version is much more modest – 218 hp Diesel modifications are also available, which are characterized by high levels of power and efficiency.

BMW 1 Series Suspension

The dynamics and comfort of the BMW 1 Series are at an unusually high level for cars of a compact class. The front aluminum double-hinged suspension with traction braces has lightness and high durability, the five-lever rear suspension with a lightweight steel structure ensures the special precision of the steering wheel suspension system – all this constitutes a unique concept of development and optimal settings for the chassis. The car is characterized by impressive stability in all speed ranges. Ideal axle weighting provides excellent directional stability and high maneuverability.

Safety Features

New, especially durable steel grades give the BMW 1-Series body structure extraordinary rigidity. Three-point inertia seat belts and head restraints on all seats, front airbags with two footsteps, front side airbags, curtain airbags that protect against injuries to both the driver and the front passenger and rear passengers are all fundamental to BMW 1- safety th series. In addition, it should be noted, and an impressive list of electronic systems, including the dynamic stability control (DSC).

The BMW 1 Series Convertible can be an ideal choice for those who need a small and functional car, coupled with sporty features and premium equipment.