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BMW E46 Junk Yards in Johannesburg

      Find Used BMW E46 Spares in Johannesburg

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      About The BMW E46

      Overview Of The BMW E46

      The BMW E46 is a popular middle-class luxury vehicle in South Africa. It is the 4th generation of BMW 3 series produced between 1997 and 2006. The vehicle comes in several body styles namely the 4-door sedan, I2-door coupe, 2- door convertible, 5-door estate, and the 3-door hatchback. If you own a BMW E46 then you certainly have either a petrol-fueled car or a diesel version of the same vehicle. In addition, your BMW E46 either has a manual transmission or an automatic transmission.

      New BMW Parts Are Expensive!

      Granted, owning this comfortable and luxurious BMW is classy and speaks a lot about the kind of person you are. But what happens just in case your cherished E46 requires some spare parts? Of course, you are not new to this car and surely you know how costly any brand new spare parts for your cherished BMW E46 in South Africa can be. If you don’t know just try asking from your local dealers. The prices are mind-boggling. Is there a way you can save some valuable Rands and still get your car back in shape at a much lower cost?

      The BMW e46 model was available with a range of engines, including:

      • M43B19: a 1.9L inline-four engine that was available in the 316i, 316Ci, and 318Ci models. It produced a maximum power output of 100 kW (136 horsepower).
      • M43TU: a 1.9L inline-four engine that was available in the 316i, 316Ci, and 318Ci models. It produced a maximum power output of 110 kW (150 horsepower).
      • M47TU: a 2.0L inline-four diesel engine that was available in the 316d and 318d models. It produced a maximum power output of 85 kW (116 horsepower).
      • M54B22: a 2.2L inline-six engine that was available in the 323i, 325i, and 328i models. It produced a maximum power output of 141 kW (192 horsepower).
      • M54B25: a 2.5L inline-six engine that was available in the 325i and 328i models. It produced a maximum power output of 141 kW (192 horsepower).
      • M54B30: a 3.0L inline-six engine that was available in the 330i and 330Ci models. It produced a maximum power output of 170 kW (231 horsepower).
      • M56B25: a 2.5L inline-six engine that was available in the 325i and 328i models. It produced a maximum power output of 141 kW (192 horsepower).
      • M57D30: a 3.0L inline-six diesel engine that was available in the 330d model. It produced a maximum power output of 160 kW (218 horsepower).
      • S54B32: a 3.2L inline-six engine that was available in the M3 model. It produced a maximum power output of 252 kW (343 horsepower).

      Used Parts Are The Way To Go!

      Yes, it is much cheaper to buy the parts from scrap yards in Johannesburg. But where do the yards get these parts anyway? Remember that sometimes brand new cars can get into accidents and there will always be parts on the car that are as good a new that can be salvaged and bought at much lower prices by these yards.

      But what type of parts can you get here? Almost any BMW E46 parts you need. This include body parts such as doors, fenders, dashboards, windscreens, tyres and bumpers, engine parts such as camshafts, crankshafts, cylinder heads and pistons, suspension parts like tie rod ends, coil springs, ball Joints, Upper/ Lower Control Arms, stabilizer links and shocks electronic parts e.g. ECU’s, alternators, batteries, looms (wiring), etc

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      BMW E46 Repair

      History Of The BMW E46

      Introduced in 1997, the 3 Series E46 is marketed in 1998. It includes new M52TU engines of the same power as the E36 plus the new 2- liter diesel (136 hp) and 2.9- liter diesel (183 hp). For fiscal reasons, the 2.0 Diesel is quickly reduced to 130 hp. Next come the estate (Touring), coupe and cabriolet versions .

      In 2000, three new petrol engines six-cylinder, 2.2 L (170 hp), 2.5 L ( 192 c ) and 3 L ( 231 hp ), come to replace the 2 L ( 150 hp ), 2.5 L ( 170 hp ) and 2.8 L ( 193 hp ).

      At the end of 2001, the saloon and estate versions were restyled. The engines also evolve: the 318i receives a 2- liter developing 143 hp , the 2- liter diesel is offered with a power of 150 hp on the 320d and 115 hp on the new 318d. The “compact” three-door body appears.

      In 2003, the 316i gets a 1.8- liter engine with 115 hp instead of 1.9- liter. The coupe and cabriolet versions are in turn restyled. The coupe can, for the first time, be equipped with a diesel engine with a displacement of 3 liters developing 204 hp. This same diesel engine also passes on the sedan and the break from 184 to 204 hp . In 2004, a second Diesel is offered on the coupé, the 2 liters developing 150 hp . In 2005, it was the turn of the cabriolet to adopt diesel engines.

      The M3 E46, which will only exist in coupe and cabriolet, also brings a new version of the sequential box offering eleven modes, the SMG-II. The VANOS ( variable distribution ) remains double, while the displacement of the six-cylinder engine goes to 3,246 cm 3 (for 343 hp ). This generation of M3 will seduce by its versatility: it offers a mix of sportiness and practicality that make it usable daily with its five seats and a trunk of 410 liters.

      A more extreme version will be released: the M3 CSL (for “Light Sport Coupe”), which saw its power increased to 360 hp with a weight reduced by a little over a hundred pounds, through the use of lightweight materials, like the carbon fiber roof. The latter brings a double advantage: in addition to a reduction in weight, it also helps to lower the center of gravity of the car, thus improving the behavior. Available exclusively in black and anthracite, the CSL version is still distinguished by a stripped interior, larger brakes and specific rims.

      In 2001, for the homologation of an M3 E46 to participate in the ALMS championship, BMW presented the M3 GTR, which will be sold in very limited numbers. Its engine is an atmospheric V8 of four liters of displacement. It is strongly restricted on the road version, so as not to display much more flattering performances than those of the M3 CSL. Also note the radius of changes a roof and a rear spoiler carbon, and a rear seat simply removed. Little information and photos circulate on this car, increasing the mystery around it.