Any car owner loves the soul in his favorite car. Therefore, seeing a scratch or chip on the body, perceives this slight damage as something terrible. But such “scars” and “injuries” are nothing more than the consequences of the usual more or less long-term operation of the vehicle. The reason for their appearance are large and small pebbles, flying from under the wheels, exposure to the sun and moisture, temperature changes, low-quality washing, and sometimes banal hooliganism. Any paint and varnish covering, no matter how high-quality it is, grows dim and aging over the years. But the fight with scratches on the car body is a must. The main thing is to know how to do it right!

The answer to the question of how to remove scratches from the surface of the car is of interest to almost every motorist, but not everyone knows about the huge number of ways of this cosmetic procedure, continuing to use old-fashioned methods. And, by the way, there is something to choose from! In case scratches and chips are almost imperceptible, non-abrasive polish can be used. The principle of its work consists in cleaning microcracks from various oxides and dirt and filling them with a special polishing compound.

If the scratches are relatively small, but you can already notice them with the naked eye, then you need to use a special pencil or colored wax to fill the scratches, choosing them in the color of the car paintwork. After applying wax or pencil, you can apply the already familiar polish. The peculiarity of this procedure is that it should be carried out with a certain regularity, for example, through several washes.

The car body is covered with a network of small scratches, but they are not felt even to the touch? You can use the anti-risk polish with a low abrasive property. In addition to the cosmetic effect, it will serve as a kind of prevention of serious consequences in the future. With the same purpose, apply tools such as “Antizarapin”, they eliminate even the defects of unsuccessful painting.

In the case when the paintwork of the car is more severely damaged, paint should be used in combination with a special colorless varnish. At first, on the damaged surface, necessarily with a thin brush, paint is applied, its color must match the color of the car paintwork. Then, already on top of the layer of paint, you need to apply a clear varnish. As a result, the scratch spots become smooth and shiny. This method is used to hide large scratches and chips of paintwork.

If the damage to the paintwork on the car body is deep enough, but it is lacking before the ground coating, it is advisable to use the following method. It is necessary to start with a large abrasive polish. It should not be forgotten that this polish can wipe off the paint very quickly. It is necessary to apply it only to clean the sharp edges of the scratch. To do this, take a piece of soft cloth, apply a polishing compound to it and rub it along the scratch with smooth movements. At the next stage, a small abrasive grade polish should be used for finer processing. Wipe should be in a circular motion with a piece of soft cloth. And the final touch will be the application of polishes, based on wax. It will add extra shine and create a protective layer on the treated place. This method of cosmetic removal of scratches and care for paintwork is called step polishing. The main thing in it – do not overdo it in the first stage, otherwise the scratch will increase even more in size. By the way, to work on scratches it is extremely undesirable to use the first rags that came to hand. It is advisable to buy special biker or cotton fabric and polishing cotton together with car cosmetics in specialized stores.

To perform the work of grinding and polishing, you can use a drill or grinder, it will greatly speed up and simplify the entire procedure. Special fabric polishing wheels are attached to them. These tools facilitate the process of polishing and make it much better. A more specialized device is the orbital polishing wheel, it works on the principle of an ordinary grinder.

If you have to tint the body elements of the car, then do not despair and be afraid! In this procedure, there is nothing complicated and impracticable. In addition, automotive paints are produced in the form of aerosols, which eliminates the problem of the presence of a compressor and spray gun. The main thing is to take into account the necessary moments. All work should be carried out in a clean and well-ventilated area. First, the scratch should “isolate”, pasting it on the sides with paper and masking tape, then clean from dust and dirt. Before applying the paint, you need to shake the can and direct the stream of blown paint to the place of application. The optimal distance for application is 40-45 cm. Press once, that is, pressing the button of the cartridge, do not release it until the end of the procedure. If this does not work, then you should wait for the previously applied layer of paint to dry, and then complete the tint. After several layers of paint are applied, the treated area of ​​the body should be dried in a natural way. The final chord in this case will be the application of wax or finish polish.

All these types of automotive cosmetic procedures are applicable only in case of slight and slightly noticeable damage. If the scratch on the body is very deep and with a dent, then you cannot do without a trip to the experts at the service station. This work should be entrusted to professionals.

Every car owner often faces such a question as cleaning and washing their favorite car. Some drivers prefer a car wash, and there are those who wash their cars with their own hands, while controlling not only the process, but also the ability to choose inventory and car shampoo.

A variety of shampoos for cars is really amazing. For example, if auto shampoo usual (“Moiker”, “UNION”) is not a concentrate and is suitable for all types of coating, most likely the foam of such a product will be soft and will immediately drain. In such cases, it is better to double the dose for a good result. The fast drying car shampoo (“Turtle Wax”, “CRYSTAL SHAMPOO”) is well suited in the summer, copes with dust and does not require wiping.

A car shampoo with wax, for example, from Liqvi Moly, Golden Wax, gives the car body a good shine and the same water flows much faster from such a surface. As for shampoo-conditioner (“Doctor Wax”), it is usually a bit more expensive than the usual similar products, but at the same time it gives not a bad result, but it also requires additional wiping.

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