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Are you looking for parts to repair, modify or rebuild your BMW M5? At Spares Johannesburg we are proud to be able to source used BMW parts and spares. Each day BMW Scrap Yards in Johannesburg are constantly stripping accident damaged vehicles to salvage parts that are as good as new.

Find door mirrors, rear view mirrors and trims for the interior. When it comes to customer happiness, there is no sale that’s too big or too small! So whatever you are looking for, we can get it for you! Whether it be the tiny nuts and bolts too a large V8 BMW engine, we sell only the best BMW used parts, whatever the size or shape.

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For decades, the BMW Motor Company has continued to produce high end, luxurious and high performing vehicles. In its sixth generation, the BMW M5 is still a high-performing and luxurious sedan that comfortably sits on top of the 5-Series class. Stretching 193.3 inches, spanning 74.4 inches, and being 57.1 inches tall, the sedan fits within the range of the Mercedes-Benz E63, which also happens to be one of its closest rivals in the luxury sedans market.

The latest models of the M5 have enhanced Bluetooth connectivity and USB functionalities as standard features on all vehicle models together with a power trunk lid. At the heart of it all, the M5 has a twin V8 4.4 liter turbo charged engine that peaks at around 560 horsepower. The engine churns around 502 pound-feet of torque from 1,500 rpms but peaks between 6,000-7,000 rpms. The M5’s twin-scroll turbochargers are held up firmly in the space in between the two cylinder banks making the engine more compact.

The M5 comes with a dual-clutch, seven-speed automatic transmission although a six-speed manual transmission model is still available. The rear-wheel drive transmission allows the M5 to accelerate from zero to around 62 miles-per-hour slightly shy of 4.5 seconds and can achieve a maximum sprinting speed of 155 mph.

Luckily enough, the downsizing of the engine from the V10 predecessor has made the sedan at least 30% more fuel-efficient. This is also attributable to various efficiency dynamics upgrades such as the introduction of the automatic start and stop and regeneration of braking energy features. A spruced up version with a maximum output of 575 horsepower is also available at an additional cost.

The interior and exteriors of the M5 looks particularly different from those of the regular 5-Series with aggressive bumpers, trunk-mounted gills, and spoilers in the front fenders riding on 19-inchalloy wheels. The interior has special bucket seats and has sufficient room to fit five passengers.

Fortunately, for South African drivers, it is now very easy to have their vehicles repaired at relatively low prices. This is because; it is now possible to find used BMW M5 parts in Johannesburg. Thus, there is no need to getting afraid of requesting a new BMW M5 from your preferred dealer just because you are afraid that it will be very expensive or difficult to get spare parts for this luxurious sedan. Thus, all that you need to do is to complete the part request form and you will have the parts shipped to you in a prompt manner.