If you are a BMW enthusiast and you prefer old-school 5 Series versions like the BMW E34, or probably, you have maintained this car and it holds cherished warm memories. Your car is of sentimental value to you. Chances are that you know what it takes to keep this old beast in check to ensure peak performance 24/7.

Assuming you own an E34, you already have firsthand experience with the effects of wear and tear to your BMW’s performance. By now, you know how crucial it is to find good BMW E34 spare parts at pocket-friendly prices considering the fact that their manufacture began over twenty years ago.

BMW E34 Restoration

Johannesburg Spares Helps You Find BMW Spares

So, what do you do when you can’t seem to find what you need at the regular spare part shops? What if you have to order directly from the company and you don’t want to wait that long? Not to mention, it will be super expensive. The moment you decided to purchase your BMW, you had an obligation, more of an allegiance, to always keep your car in top-notch condition, and to do this, you must be willing to spend to maintain your 5 Series. Likewise, the same commitment is required from other German vehicles owners.

At this point, you have a rough idea of how much ball joints, cylinder heads, crankshafts or pistons cost. You can tell when the price is fair, expensive or exaggerated. You also know when there is no choice but to spend to get quality and original spare parts. If you are a BMW owner, brace yourself for good news.

Used Parts From Scrap Yards Are The Answer!

Scrap yards offer the best deals! If you have never purchased spare parts from scrap yards, don’t be quick to make conclusions and think less of scrap yards. In fact, if you are street smart, you know that scrap yard deals are best you can ever get. Let me tell you why.

When any car, regardless of the brand, is involved in an accident and is written off by the insurance company, it’s pretty much of no use to the previous owner who was duly compensated by the insurance company. Scrap yards buy the salvage of these cars from insurance firms with the intention of harvesting’ or extracting unaffected parts and reselling them. The spare parts range from lower or upper control arms, shocks, stabilizer links, coil springs to simple parts like alternators. Scrap yards pay keen attention to detail for they know that they owe a duty of care which makes them exclusively sell quality roadworthy spare parts.

If you need one or more BMW E34 spare parts around Johannesburg, do not stress about taking your precious time from your busy schedule to go from scrap yard to scrap yard collecting data which influences decision making with regard to the prices. We have you covered. At JHB Spares, our mantra is offering trusted part inquiry services. We have committed ourselves to gather information from a string of reputable scrap yards to help you find affordable spare parts by a simple click. All you have to do is complete a request form and the search for your spare part(s) is on. We get back to you within the shortest time to ensure your BMW is in top-notch condition as soon as possible.