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In the majority of circumstances, you’ll find that choosing 2nd hand VW parts is usually a less costly way to go as opposed to whenever you buy directly from regional VW companies and service centers. Volkswagen automobiles, specifically those in more recent models, continually, are extremely highly-priced cars to fix. Basically by buying used spare parts, however, you can get VW spares at a discount, while not lowering in quality.

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    History Of Volkswagen

    Volkswagen, meaning “people’s car”, is a German car manufacturer that was created on 28 May 1937 by the German Labour-Front. It is most commonly referred to by the shortened version of their name VW. For the past three years, from 2016 till now, the Volkswagen Group has ranked first in worldwide sales.

    For South Africa, however, Volkswagen only became a reality 14 years later, when at the end of August 1951, the first VW Beetle was produced in a small town in the Eastern Cape called Uitenhage. Today, the VW Polo Vivo is the top selling passenger car in South Africa, with over 7 000 sales between January and March 2018.

    Although the VW Beetle and the Golf might be the first cars that comes to mind when thinking of the vehicle giant, there are many different models available in South Africa. There are other familiar models such as the Polo and Polo G.T.I, Golf & Golf GTI, Jetta, the Beetle, Touran and the new Up!, which are small family or city cars. They also have a range of crossover SUVs such as the Tiguan and Touareg. This doesn’t even cover the multitude of models that are not yet available in South Africa such as the Phideon as well as Fox, and Lamando.

    Why Buy Used VW Spares

    When driving your beloved VW, it is almost unimaginable to think of that you might get into an accident or have to replace a part of the car. That’s not even to mention the cost involved with replacing the part with a new one. Sometimes a simple battery replacement can cost you upwards of a thousand bucks. There’s also a chance that they must import a spare part for your car because there’s none available locally, and then it becomes a very lengthy process. Before you know it, with the cost to repair your car, you might as well buy a new one.

    However, were you aware that you can purchase used VW spares in Johannesburg from the Scrap Yards? It can happen that brand-new cars get into accidents, but only parts of the car are damaged, like the front, or left side of the car. Leaving three other sides of the car with parts that are basically brand new. These parts are often retrieved from the wreck and then taken to the Scrap Yards, awaiting their next use.

    There is a whole array of different parts that are now offered by top sellers for your use. It might get become difficult to decide which seller is best to use, especially if you’re not quite as well acquainted with cars as your Old Man.

    Used parts that are top sellers are:

    • Body parts – doors, fenders, dashboards, windscreens, tyres, bumpers and bonnets, grills, and the radiator’s core support
    • Engine parts – camshafts, crankshafts, cylinder heads and pistons, and blocks
    • Suspension parts – tierod ends, coil springs, ball joints, upper/lower control arms, stabilizer links, and shocks
    • Electronic parts – ECU’s, alternators, batteries, looms (wiring), voltage regulators, thermostats, and much, much more!

    If you are in need of any part, complete the Part Request Form on our website that promptly contacts the different VW Scrap Yards in Johannesburg for you. No hassle trying to find the parts. And no need to contact each and every supplier yourself. We do that for you! We will also be sent various quotes from the different Scrap Yards for you to compare and decide which one best suit you.