About Us

    Ever wondered what happens to accident damaged cars?

    They end up in scrap yards to be stripped for spares! What’s more, is that sometimes these accident damaged vehicles where late models. So if the rear was completely damaged the front parts will be in perfect working order.

    Buying used spares is the way to go, you can get parts for the fraction of what a new part would cost. However, there is one big problem…And that’s FINDING the parts. This is where Johannesburg Spares comes to the rescue! We are a network of scrap yards in Johannesburg. So when you make an enquiry with us, we send your part request to all within out network.

    Benefits of using our service:

    • Save Time by not contacting each junk yard separately
    • Choose the best quote
    • Avoid costly middle man fees (you deal direct with the scrap yards)

    So, whether a bumper is broken, a door lock stuck, a windscreen cracked, an engine seized, a boot lock jammed, a head gasket blown, a battery dead, or you over heating from a broken aircon pump. Let us help you find the spares you need for your car!