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In just about all scenarios, you will notice that getting second hand BMW spares is definitely a less costly opportunity as opposed to if you had to buy directly from neighborhood BMW agent and repair centres. BMW automobiles, particularly those in latest series, without fail are very costly cars to repair. With acquiring used spare parts, however, it’s possible to get BMW spares at a discount, with no lowering in quality.

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If you need a spare part for your BMW please feel free to complete the request form. This immediately alerts all the scrapyards in our network and we can locate the part you require in no time. This is an easy method that saves time and saves you the effort of having to call many suppliers yourself. This is also a great way for you to see all the quotes you are getting for the part allowing you to pick the best one without any hassle.

    Latest BMW Part Requests

    2022-01-19 08:25:38 +00:00
    hie. The car is mobile but requires attention. .Drivers door and window not working ,etc no batterry
    2022-01-17 14:55:40 +00:00
    Kindly provide me with a quotation for the following Items/parts for BMW X1, 2020 Model, Vin: WBA32AA0803M73538
    1. Front bumper
    2. Bumper grill
    3. 2 x headlamps
    4. 2 x fog light cover
    5. Air intake pipe
    6. Bonnet
    7. Water reserve bottle
    8. Front bumper trim
    9. Fender arch clips
    2022-01-12 10:58:26 +00:00
    2010 e82 135i
    3rd brake light on boot. It sits just above the number plate
    2022-01-12 07:34:31 +00:00
    Looking for Oil Filter housing for BMW F30 including the oil cooler.
    2022-01-10 10:25:57 +00:00
    Good Day
    I am looking for the shell of a BMW X5 F15, do you have any available?
    2022-01-08 10:46:30 +00:00
    I am looking for pipe from intercooler to turbo
    2021-12-22 21:25:33 +00:00
    4.8I XDrive E70
    Need catalytic convertor
    2021-12-17 12:50:19 +00:00
    I want to find out the price for a engine block or sub
    2021-12-17 10:18:06 +00:00
    2006 / 325i
    I'm looking for the BMW 17inch (thin) spare wheel that is sold separately due to the fact that BMW's are supposed to use run-flats and never came with a spare wheel/tyre.
    2021-12-14 13:37:47 +00:00
    control unity
    2021-12-14 12:37:05 +00:00
    I'm looking for a BMW e36 light switch
    2021-12-13 13:51:19 +00:00
    I'm looking for a 2010 BMW X3 2.0d (N47D20A) engine
    2021-12-03 07:55:12 +00:00
    Good morning, I I have a Bmw 530d year 2011. I would like to know if you have lcd screen (display in the center of the dashboard) and its price. Thanks

    2021-11-29 11:48:03 +00:00
    2021-11-25 13:29:06 +00:00
    2008 X3
    Price for engine plus courier costs
    More Info

    bmw headquatersA Little History Of BMW

    Makers of luxury cars and motorbikes, BMW started operations in 1916 when Flugmaschinenfabrik Gustav-Otto was merged with BayerischeFlugzeug-Werke AG-(BFW) at the government’s directive. The BayerischeMoteren Werke-GmbH transferred its operations to BFW in 1922. BMW began construction on its first cars in 1928. During the Second World War the company almost entirely build aircraft engines for the German Air-Force until 1945. After the Second World-War most of the company’s plants were dismantled, the company only got back control of its assets in 1955.

    World Wide Band

    BMW has been involved in Motor sports like Formula 1. The company began making its first car in 1928 and now has operations in Germany, India, China, Brazil, South Africa, UK and the US. With almost 2.3 million vehicles manufactured in 2015, BMW was the twelfth largest producer in the world. Different vehicles are marketed under different names. Motorcycles are sold under the brand BMW Motorrad and BMW for automobiles, electric cars are sold under the brand BMW i and high-performance cars under BMW M.

    Why Buy Used BMW Parts?

    Much like the car itself, the spare parts for a BMW can be quite expensive. However, replacement parts, while cheaper, can end up causing serious damage to a car. While saving money in the short term, this ends up being a much more expensive gamble.

    An authorised dealer of BMW parts will sell you the parts at quite a high cost. A cheaper option is to go to a scrap yard and see whether they have the parts you need. This might sound like a bad choice to make because you would assume that a scrap yard would have old junk cars.

    But just like you need to get a part replaced in your BMW, even a much older model could have new parts. There are also instances where brand new cars get into terrible accidents and get sent to the scrap yard. While there might be many unsalvageable bits of the car, there will also be perfectly working new parts available. The biggest advantage is that these parts would be at a fraction of the cost of buying it from an authorised seller.

    Parts At JHB Spares On Offer Are

    • Body parts: Whatever part of your car’s body have been damaged, we can replace it. We have doors, windshields, dashboards, fenders, and even tires.
    • Engine parts: Authentic BMW crankshafts, crankshafts, pistons, and cylinder heads, complete engines for sale, JHB spares has these parts available at a much lower cost.
    • Suspension parts: A faulty suspension can be painful especially on uneven roads. If you need tierod ends, upper or lower control arms, ball joints, shocks or stabilizer links you will get them at our scrapyard.
    • Electronic parts: Batteries, ECUs or alternators, starters, wiring, etc., and other original BMW parts are available.