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Find best deals for spare parts from scrap yards by filling up a request form. You will get access to cheapest deals in Johannesburg. Instead of making phone calls to each scrap yard, get a list of all deals for a specific spare part you have requested from all dealers. You will save time and avoid troubling yourself by moving from scrap yard to scrap yard looking for a specific spare part. Get your BMW X5 E53 original spare parts from local scrap yards.

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BMW X5 Breakers in Johannesburg

Find A BMW X5 Stripping For Spares!

BMW E53 spares from BMW Junk Yards: We are Gauteng’s major used BMW E53 spares hunter. We’ve Numerous BMW E53 spares available for sale and can track down the part you want. Our scrap yards are stripping and also stocking totally warranted BMW E53 second-hand spare auto parts together with great discounted prices as much as 80% off manufacturer pricing. We also have the number one Johannesburg network of E53 scrap yards which implies we’ll regularly supply you with BMW E53 low cost spares you’re looking for at the best possible price. No one will uncover any other BMW E53 part supplier cheaper than our company in Gauteng!

Overview Of The BMW X5 E53 Model

BMW X5 (E53) was in production between 1999 to 2006. BMW owned land rover company at that time which explains why many parts are shared between X5 BMW E53 and Land rover range rover L322. A double tailgate was originally a British design for Land rover company which was put on BMW X5 (E53). BMW made their X5 with less offroad capabilities than Landrover. BMW made their X5 E53 with an all-wheel-drive system but directed 62% of power to the rear wheels in an attempt to maintain the company’s rear-wheel reputation. In 2001 and 2002, BMW X5 was voted the best luxury four-wheel-drive vehicle.

Buying New BMW X5 Parts Is Expensive!

Owning an old vehicle means that often you have to replace worn out parts. Most parts for old cars are hard to find and you may need to import. Importing is expensive when you add shipping cost to the cost of acquiring a spare part. An easy option would be to buy spare parts from scrap yards. In Johannesburg, you will find a wide range of spare parts for your X5 BMW E53. Such spare parts are not necessarily worn out as you may find most of them were obtained from new cars which were involved in accidents.

Buying Used BMW Spares is The Way To Go!

Get any spare part of your choice for the body of your car, engine or electronic parts. Body parts such as seats, bonnet, tires, tailgate, windscreen, side mirrors, dashboard and windows can be found at half price while they are still as good as new. An accident may damage body parts but electronic parts such as batteries, ECU’s, and wiring parts are in good shape. Buying such parts is cheap and you get good quality like that of new parts.

Suspension parts such as coil springs, shocks, tierod ends, upper/lower control arms and engine parts such as pistons, cylinder heads, camshaft and injectors barely get damaged in most car accidents. Buying such parts from a scrap yard will save you money.

Complete Video Guide On How To Repair Your BMW X5 E53