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Obtain quality used BMW E60 parts now at major bargains. Our company can easily source BMW parts for BMW owners all around South Africa in our association of BMW part sellers. Our company is positive the costs quoted from our junk yards will certainly outdo all BMW vehicle dealers making us to be the best place to find and purchase an assured, used BMW E60 spares in Johannesburg.

Previous E60 Part Requests

2024-06-02 08:13:31 +00:00
I'm looking for airfilter box toyota professional 1.3
2024-01-02 13:27:42 +00:00
Mazda etude 160i computer box
2023-01-09 14:36:05 +00:00
3 litre D
I am looking for a Body Loom for e60 530d with start button .
Loom runs from smaller ecu plug to fusebox- dash etc inside the car
2022-07-28 12:23:51 +00:00
Good day,

Please advise if you have mechatronic solenoids in stock.

Model: 523i (E60) 2006 model.
2022-06-08 12:40:36 +00:00
I need a Turbo intercooler pipe - part num 95405608
2021-11-23 04:49:48 +00:00
Bmw 530i e60 m54: front shocks , front lower arms, door panels for black leather interior , splash shield, front passenger sit black leather, head light xenon bulbs, angel light bulbs,
2021-09-06 05:59:08 +00:00
I'm looking for an automatic gearbox for a BMW E60 530D.
2021-09-06 05:59:08 +00:00
I'm looking for an automatic gearbox for a BMW E60 530D.
2021-05-24 17:31:37 +00:00
2021-02-13 08:42:14 +00:00
2021-02-03 14:37:22 +00:00
2021-01-13 11:06:38 +00:00
2020-12-17 10:16:59 +00:00
2020-07-24 13:36:02 +00:00
2020-07-19 19:44:22 +00:00
2020-07-03 16:36:55 +00:00
2020-06-17 11:52:21 +00:00
2020-04-28 16:55:33 +00:00
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2020-02-24 07:13:12 +00:00
2020-02-08 15:15:04 +00:00
2019-11-05 15:45:53 +00:00
2019-08-13 08:30:31 +00:00
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2019-03-14 13:17:19 +00:00
2018-11-12 08:30:40 +00:00
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BMW E60 Scrap Yards in Johannesburg

Find A BMW E60 Stripping For Spares!

BMW E60 parts via BMW Scrap Yards: Our company is Johannesburg’s main replacement BMW E60 parts locater. We’ve found Numerous BMW E60 vehicle spare parts readily obtainable and can track down the part you are looking for. Our junk yards are breaking plus offering 100 % assured BMW E60 used spare auto parts with massive discount rates of as much as 80% off agent price levels. We also have the leading Johannesburg network of E60 scrap yards which suggests we’ll constantly provide you with BMW E60 cheap spares you want at the perfect price. You will not locate any kind of BMW E60 part provider less expensive than our website in Johannesburg!

Overview The BMW 5 Series E60

BMW E60 is one of the widely used BMW car brands. It boasts of unique looks with an angular shape that makes it pretty much coveted by most BMW lovers. The headlights are well placed you may think it had a facelift. It replaced the BMW E39 and was quick to win the hearts of BMW enthusiasts. So what happens when your BMW E60 gets knocked, and you don’t have enough Rands to afford the expensive new spare parts sold by car dealers? Don’t worry; there is a much more affordable way to get your BMW 5 series back in shape.

Why Used BMW 5 Series Parts ?

You can now have easy access to BMW spares in Gauteng at a very affordable price. Simply visit the available scrap yards. They have a number of BMW E60 spare parts readily available for use at a very affordable price. Most people tend to ignore them thinking that they are all rusty and old. This is not the case, the scrap yards consists of new spare parts sometimes salvaged from brand new vehicles that have been involved in an accident. Some BMW E60 spare parts are newer and in great shape with each and everything intact. You can get lucky and end up with a complete set at a very little cost.

The scrap yards have quite a number of quality BMW E60 spare parts ranging from quality body parts such as the doors, fenders, dashboard, windscreen, tires, and bumpers. You will get engine parts like the camshafts, crankshafts, cylinder heads and pistons. These engine parts are well kept to avoid any damage whatsoever. You can also get the suspension parts which include the tie rod ends, coil springs, ball joints, Upper/Lower Control Arms, stabilizer links and shocks. For those interested in electronic parts, you will be able to get quite a number including the ECU’s, alternators, batteries and looms among others. These parts are all original, and high quality and all you need is a couple of Rands to have them.

Contact Us Today with your Part Request

For you to get BMW E60 spare parts, you will be required to fill a request form after which a wide network of scrap yards will be contacted. This is to make sure that you get the desired quality spare parts without going through the trouble of visiting individual scrape yards. You get to save a lot of time and money. You are also allowed to make a choice so that at the end of the day you get quality BMW E60 spare parts at a very affordable price.

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