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Searching for used BMW engines for sale in Johannesburg can be a challenging task. As there are 100s of motor spares companies to choose from, it may not be pragmatic to call each one to compare while you are short on time. Our company is familiar with the need for needing a reliable motor in a almost no time. If cost, credibility and time are your number one consideration, then we hold the remedy for you! Simply give us a call or submit the enquiry form and you will be a stride closer to purchasing your replacement motor.

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    Recent BMW Part Enquiries

    2022-07-28 12:23:51 +00:00
    Good day,

    Please advise if you have mechatronic solenoids in stock.

    Model: 523i (E60) 2006 model.
    2022-07-28 10:41:54 +00:00
    looking for the climate control box for the center dashboard
    2022-07-26 07:39:41 +00:00
    730d E-65
    Fender bumper steering control
    2022-07-26 07:17:23 +00:00
    730d E-65
    Looking for bumper anti cooler fender headlights
    2022-07-25 09:49:03 +00:00
    120d Diesel Auto
    Complete engine
    Note: Separate quote in exchange with old engine

    Thank you
    2022-07-19 14:02:34 +00:00
    Im looking for the front left head light, for a BMW Grancoupa
    2022-07-19 13:14:25 +00:00
    2022-07-12 17:57:03 +00:00
    I'm looking for the wiring harness next to the ABS controller for the computer. Rats chewed through the wires so all the warning lights and gong are on all the time.
    2022-07-11 17:50:07 +00:00
    2017 X4
    i need a front diff
    2022-07-11 17:50:07 +00:00
    2017 X4
    i need a front diff

    More info

    10 BMW Engine Performance Warning Signs

    When your BMW motor fails, it’s a nightmare. Not only will it put your BMW out of commission, nevertheless it can also be challenging assess and much more complicated to fix. Regardless of whether your engine is getting too hot, creating strange noises, or back firing, the reason could be certainly one of a variety of factors.

    320i bmw engine for sale

    What Might Be the Issue?
    Here’s a few of the commonplace engine troubles and just how you can find these.

    Too little lubrication.
    Your BMW needs engine oil in between its working components. It will reduce friction, but it will also eliminate heat. This is why neglecting to regularly change oil at the advised intervals may ultimately ruin your engine. Improper lubrication can cause overheating and could contribute to your engine failing.

    Oil pump failure.
    A failing pump can cause what’s referred to as oil starvation, that’s always fatal to your motor. Ensure you’re using the right variety of oil for your engine, mainly in the higher-risk over head cam engines.

    Dirty oil.
    Oil may also accumulate by leaving by-products on combustion chambers, intake valves and spark plugs. Additionally, it can affect a vehicle’s bearings when ever foreign matter results in being stuck on the area. To actually fight this, switch oil as on a consistent basis as possible and make sure the oil filter is not stopped up.

    Worn spark plug.
    The spark plug lights pressurized petrol within your engine to make your BMW go. It lights pressurised gasoline by transferring electrical power from the spark plug’s end towards the electrode within the engine. Yet spark plugs are created to work for hundreds of thousands of kms, they will often need replacing easily. It can cause the motor to misfire or prevent ignition entirely. One substandard spark plug increases the wastes in your BMW and minimizes it’s gas mileage.

    Spark knock.
    Detonation, or engine knock, is a kind of combustion as a result of the buildup of too much heat and pressure within the motors combustion chamber. Anyone can notice engine detonation easily, as it causes a noisy, ringing tapping sound. A small degree of knocking usually will not result in major damages, however a continual or heavy detonation is often a significant problem for the automobile. This isn’t a dilemma generally in most modern day engines that are well-maintained, however ill kept engines can experience this difficulty.

    Broken or malfunctioning oxygen sensor.
    This is a device that calculates the oxygen volumes which are burning up inside the exhaust. It then displays to the BMW’s information system just how much petrol is within the gasoline tank. A problem with the o2 probe / sensor signifies the BMW draws mistaken information.

    Poor compression.
    If the gas and air flow are not appropriately merged collectively, the motor can’t accomplish its ignition process appropriately. There are several aspects that lead to very poor compression including a opening in the cylinder, an air leak, an improperly closed valve or worn piston rings.

    Coolant loss.
    Whenever your engine is continually overheating, you most likely are experiencing coolant loss. The final extreme temperature can certainly wreck your motor and is also expensive for restore.

    Stopped up radiator.
    Old or unclean coolant is easily the most commonplace reason behind a slow or stopped up radiator and will set off many troubles. In case the radiator results in being rife with sediment from soiled coolant, it can most likely trigger your engine to get too hot. Your radiator can also get corroded if hard water is used.

    Unfastened or absent fuel lid.

    A frequently not considered issue in engine problems will likely be the gas cap. Loose petrol caps unleash petrol vapors in the economy which will lower a BMW’s gas mileage and possibly raise the amount of cash expended on gas. In case you are seeing that gasoline is used up far before it ought to, you may want to purchase a brand-new fuel cap.

    Has your dash panel lit up the “check engine” light? Whatever you might think is faulty it’s imperative that you contact a vehicle repair specialist. With the aforementioned guidance you will have a significantly better notion of what could be wrong with the engine. If you wish to swap your engine, then allow us to help you to get quotes from our large community of junk yards in SA.

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